In 5 years ,More than 100 colleagues ,more than 1,800 days and nights, Continuously to lead the field of renewable energy
We're committed to providing future generations with the means to power their lives in the most economic, environmental and socially responsible ways possible.
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  • 10025 MWh


  • 43257089 mt


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  • Vertical Wind Turbine

    Vertical Wind Turbine
    FX 300W-2KW 12v-120v
    Curved Blade to obtain better wind resource
    Coreless Generator with low rpm and torque

  • Vertical Wind Turbine

    Vertical Wind Turbine
    FH 600W-25KW 24v-380v
    Triangular double-fulcrum Blade increase its stablity
    Coreless Generator with low rpm and torque

  • Vertical Wind Turbine

    Vertical Wind Turbine
    FS 300W-1KW 12v-96v
    Fiberglass Blade increase its flexibility
    Coreless Generator with low rpm and torque

  • Horizontal Wind Turbine

    Horizontal Wind Turbine
    FK 1KW-500KW 12v-520v
    Fiberglass Blade increase its utilization
    Permanent magnet external rotor with good heat dissipation performance

  • Solar Panel

    Solar Panel FU PV system
    On/off grid PV system
    Mono/Poly with high efficiency
    Higher Reliability

  • Inner rotor PMG

    Inner rotor PMG
    FN 100W-500KW 12v-520v
    low torque,low rpm
    good heat dissipation performance

  • Coreless Outor rotor PMG

    Coreless Outor rotor PMG
    FG 50W-30KW 12v-380v
    low torque,low rpm
    Coreless disc of long lifespan
    Higher Reliability

  • Controller

    FC 300W-500KW
    On grid/ Off grid

  • Inverter

    FI 300W-500KW
    On grid/ Off grid
    Single/Three Phase

  • Power Storage

    Power Storage
    FPS 1W-10KW
    ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ROHS, TLC, etc
    Solar Energy Storage Systems, House, Villa, Home Buildings

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  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power
  • Hybrid wind and so
    50w wind turbine with 100w mono solar panel
  • 150KW wind turbine
    5kw wind turbine 30pcs installed in Xinjiang on 2019.Mar
  • 300kw wind turbine
    300kw wind turbine, 10m Galvanized Pole with off grid controller and
  • FX Style 300w 600w
    All kinds of of small wind turbine for residential usage
  • Vertical FS wind t
    Hybird wind and solar system with off grid controller and inverter
  • All kinds of FH se
    All kinds of projects of FH for all kinds of usage
  • case
    Design case
  • case
    Design case
  • case
    Design case
  • case
    Design case
  • case
    Design case
  • case
    Design case
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